How to keep glass shower doors clean?
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How to keep glass shower doors clean?

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After the shower door is used for a long time, some watermarks and stains will appear. How to keep the glass shower doors clean?


Pay attention to keeping it clean at ordinary times, and wash it with the showerhead every day

If there is dust on the glass in the shower door, you can wipe it off with vinegar and a small amount of salt.

Use glassware cleaner to clean tempered glass or frosted glass, just spray it once, and then wipe it with a dishwashing ball and warm water.

Purchase a glass scraper suitable for your shower door, please make sure that its size matches your shower door. After each shower, we can scratch the tempered glass with a glass scraper.

Precautions to keep glass shower door clean

After taking a shower, you should wash the glass of the shower door, add a certain amount of water with shampoo, stir evenly, and then wipe off the water stains with a rag on the glass. Do this work everyday. If there are more stains on the shower door, you just wipe the glass of the shower door with shampoo, the effect is not particularly ideal. We can buy professional detergent from the market, wipe the glass with cloth, the effect is very significant, and finally wipe it with a dry cloth. In addition to using professional detergents, if the stains are not particularly large, we can also use toothpaste, toothpaste also can remove stains, especially for the glass where there have been some black stains or dark places, use a clean cloth dipped in some toothpaste, It can also play a very good cleaning effect.

If there is yellow dirt on the glass shower door, please spray it with a special cleaner, and then gently wipe it with a dry cotton cloth to easily remove the stain.

But the cleaning agent contains chemical substances and is corrosive. Therefore, if the pendant on the glass shower door is hardware, special care should be taken to avoid spraying it. Waste newspapers can also be used to clean the stains. Because newspapers are printed with ink, the ink can absorb dirt and can be easily removed by wiping back and forth on the shower door. For those who often clean, you can go to the supermarket to buy a glass scraper, because it has a variety of lengths to choose from, it is more convenient and can be used for a long time.


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