What type of shower doors are there
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What type of shower doors are there

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What type of shower door do you choose? Since the bathroom is relatively humid, no matter what type of shower door is installed, it should be waterproof. The following are common shower door types.



The straight shower door does not take up space and is more suitable for small toilets. It can be equipped with two doors and three doors.

The shower door is more common, and the use of transparent glass material can make the field of vision more penetrating and open without worrying about the feeling of space compression.

The curved shower door adopts the curved sliding door as the door design, which has a simple and beautiful appearance. The opening method is mainly a crawler sliding door, and the range of options is limited.

There is a glass door in the middle of the pentagonal shower door, and the two sides are separated by glass. The scale is spacious, just like the cut shape of a diamond, generous and elegant is a very modern fashion.

The bathtub shower door is directly installed on the bathtub, which not only creates the bathroom function of the bathtub and shower area but also makes the space more flexible.


About the type of shower door

Sliding shower door: In the case of relatively small bathroom space, you should choose a sliding shower door. Push and pull, light and convenient. It can not only save a lot of space for our bathroom but also increase our visual sense of space. Open the shower door horizontally: its sealing function is particularly good, creating a safe private space for us. Rugged and durable, deeply loved by everyone. It is easier to operate than a sliding door. Folding sliding shower door: Although it is close to the sliding shower door, its moisture-proof effect is higher than the ordinary sliding shower door, and it is also very convenient to clean the sliding track.


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Glass gold bypass shower door (HA420E)

The bypass shower door has a modern frameless appearance, making your shower the focal point of the bathroom. The bypass design provides a smooth, quiet sliding operation and increases the convenience of entering the shower space from either side. Choosing a bypass sliding shower door will make your bathroom applauded. The Himalayas provide the ultimate solution for your shower project. The glass is treated with a double-sided easy-to-clean coating to provide excellent protection and easy maintenance.

Household glass sliding barn shower door (HC419FR)

The barn sliding shower door brings together the charm of traditional barn doors, the space efficiency of sliding glass shower doors ,and the modern elegance of frameless glass. Just like real barn doors, these shower doors make the most of the available space by sliding in front of the adjacent wall.

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About Himalaya Company

Himalaya was established in 2005 and located in Guangdong, specialized in shower doors, shower trays, and bathroom accessories. We understand client's needs clearly and can provide you with customized service, on-time deliveries, and stable quality products that beyond your standards.  Himalaya can now launch this product at the lowest price to our customers for the last few years. We are very proud to announce this latest news to the market enables this technique to be in ordinary households. If you have any needs, you can choose our high cost-effective products.

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