What types of bath screens are there?
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What types of bath screens are there?

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The bath screens are glass panels that stop that terrible flood that comes from using your combined bath and shower setup. They are, in our honest opinion, better looking than shower curtains and much easier to clean, making them our top choice when it comes to bathroom puddle preventers. Bath screens can be roughly divided into three types: single panel, double panel, and folding screen.



Single panel

Double panel

Folding panel


Single panel

The single panel is usually made of a single glass panel, which can be fixed or moved with hinges or pivot brackets. These are often the most common choices. Among them, the screen is fixed on the wall and above the bath. Because they provide a clean and tidy design for the single panel, there are not too many corners and gaps that can accumulate dirt, and they can usually be moved by hinges to facilitate inspection and cleaning. Some single-panel screens can be opened outwards with hinges. This makes it easier to use the bathtub or shower. Another space-saving option is to rotate the screen. This mechanism allows the door to open inward and outward. There is a variety of designs for this kind of bath screen to choose from, including curved screens for showers, and elegant cut shapes to make this kind of bath screen look stylish. Many of the single panels also have frameless designs, presenting the ultimate style in a minimalist style.


Double panel

The double panel has two connected glass panels, the second panel can be opened by opening. Hinge or pivot. There is a hinge in the center of the screen, and two screens with panels can have a fixed panel and a movable panel, or both panels can be movable. This means that this kind of bath screen can be opened in several ways, for example, the screen can be rotated in and out for easy access. An additional second panel is added to target splashes, and at the same time, like a shower door that can be opened 180 degrees, you can get in and out of the bathtub more easily. The double panel works similarly to the shower door. If you don't have space or need additional splash protection, the double panel can meet your need. The size of this kind of bath screen is also often longer. If you need a longer bathtub, you need additional stretching force, which is very convenient.


Folding screen

The folding shower screen has several narrow vertical panes, which are connected with hinges, so when not in use, the folding shower screen can be pushed open and folded into a narrow shape. This looks neat and makes it easier to enter the bathtub. If you want to bathe the children, that would be great. Folding screens are also suitable for smaller bathrooms, where you do not need a fixed glass pane to insert into your space. This kind of bath screen required the least space and is very suitable for small bathrooms. It has 2, 3, or 4 folding doors. Folding screens may sometimes require guide rails. The disadvantage of this kind of bath screen is that when the number of folding doors is larger, the risk of technical problems is higher, which may cause screen damage faster than other types of screens.


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