What are the standard sizes for tub shower doors?
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What are the standard sizes for tub shower doors?

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Taking a bath is a good way for young people to relax and think about what they have done during the day and what they have gained. Pick up a proper tub shower door is very important. What are the standard sizes for tub shower doors?


Size of the bathtub

The width of the door

Shower door height:

Distance from heating equipment

Distance from other sanitary ware

Size of bathtub

The ordinary sitting bubble bathtub is generally small in size and can save bathroom space to a certain extent. Length not less than 1500 mm. General bathtub size is shape size, general bathtub length from 1.2 meters to 1.7 meters, conventional size is 1600*750 or 1700*750, depth between 50~70 cm, but the actual use of the size may be reduced by 10-20 cm. The minimum size of the bathtub is 120 centimeters long, mainly for children.

The width of the door

the width of the bathtub shall prevail, at least to ensure that the body can will not always hit the glass of the tub shower door. Usually, 900 mm*900mm is appropriate, if the family body is fat, also can make 1000 mm*1000mm, or bathroom space is limited, make 850 mm*850mm also OK, but had better not be less than 800 mm*800mm.

Shower door height

Usually, ceiling height is 2400 mm, so the tub shower door is mostly 1800 mm~2000 mm minus bathtub height, the standard height is 1.95 m (1950 mm) and 1.9 m (1900 mm) minus bathtub height, which can also be adjusted according to family height, actual space situation, also need to pay attention to the shower position is the same, too low easy to splash water, too high to beauty, affect air permeability.

Distance from heating equipment

For the convenience of bathing in winter, you will install a heater or bathtub for the bathroom. If it is hanging equipment, it is best not to put it in the tub shower door or near the shower door’s glass to prevent moisture. If you hang it on the top, it depends on the bathroom’ size. The heating equipment in the small space is in the middle, not necessarily in the shower area. If the space is large, you can put it in the middle of the shower area.

Distance from other sanitary ware

The bathroom is often compact, including the tub shower door, a toilet, bathroom cabinet, etc.. It should leave about 100 mm distance between the tub shower door and other sanitaryware products, otherwise easy to increase the possibility of self-explosion.The size of the tub shower door is the most important concern. The tub shower door makes full use of the corner of the bathroom and divides the shower area to form a relatively independent bath space.


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