How to remove shower enclosure?
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How to remove shower enclosure?

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After the shower enclosure is used for a long time, it still needs to be carefully cleaned and maintained. When the family wants to change the new shower enclosure, we must remove the old shower enclosure, otherwise it will affect our renovation construction. If we don't have the professional installation workers to remove it, can we remove the old shower enclosure by ourselves? Let Himalaya shower enclosure manufacturer to tell you some methods.


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Here is the content list:

•Preparation of tools

•Remove all screws

•Remove base

•Remove glass

•Remove gasket

•Time required for removing

•What should you pay attention to?

Preparation of tools

We have to prepare screwdrivers.

Remove all the screws 

Use the corresponding screwdriver to remove all the screws in the shower enclosure.

Remove base

The shower enclosure base must have a portion fixed to the wall by pressing on the wall of the plastic plug. For beauty, do not expose the screw hole, then install the cover. The cover and the fixing member are usually clamped. the shower holder is like a box with screw holes in the plane that touches the wall.

Observe the position of the clamp and remove the lid. This type of shower bracket is also used for large showers. It plays a role in raising the height of the shower. It can also adjust to the most suitable shower height according to the user's height and enjoy a comfortable shower.

Remove glass

When removing the glass in the shower enclosure, we can remove the small parts slowly, the process is careful and slow, we pay attention to safety.

Remove gasket

After we remove the wide outer frame, don't forget to remove the old faucet in the shower enclosure. After the faucet is removed, you will find that the faucet interface will have two gaskets, and we will remove the gasket together.

Time required for removing

If your home shower enclosure was assembled on-site, then now follow the assembly steps to remove it, the method is very simple, about half an hour or so can be completely removed shower enclosure.

What should you pay attention to?

If the shower enclosure at home is larger, it may take some time, but the method is the same. When removing the shower enclosure, we should pay attention not to damage the glass. Prevent accidental injury to yourself.


Now many families have installed the shower enclosure, but there may be some minor problems to deal with in normal use, the above is our summary of how to remove the shower enclosure, hope they're helpful. Himalaya company conducts many tests of shower enclosures, and the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you need a shower enclosure, you can consider our cost-effective products.

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