How to measure a shower enclosure?
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How to measure a shower enclosure?

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Now the popularity of shower enclosures is well known, with the improvement of living standards, people more yearning for the enjoyment of quality life. shower enclosure size measurement is a big problem when installing a shower enclosure. If the measurement is not standard, the whole shower enclosure will not be installed, so how should we measure before the shower enclosure is installed.

Custom Semi Frameless Sliding Glass Swing Shower Enclosures

Here is the content list:

•Measurement of linear screens

•Measurement of corner screens

•Special circumstances of measurement

Measurement of linear screens

Measurement time: after the toilet wall brick is laid, determine the installation position of the straight screen, measure the upper and lower width between the two walls, read accurately to the millimeter. The tape must be straightened and both ends are on the same horizontal plane to ensure the accuracy of the reading. Combined with the field situation, with the customer to determine the direction and height of the door. Because the straight screen size requirements are very strict, the installation of measurement must be an accurate measurement.

Measurement of corner screens

Measuring time: after the toilet stone foundation is per-buried. 

The measurement of the Square shower enclosure: measure the distance from the corner to the outer edge of the stone base and measure the width of the stone base.

The measurement of masonry shower enclosure: two distances from the corner of the wall to the outer edge of the stone base are measured, and the length of the outer edge and the width of the stone base are measured.

The measurement of fan shower enclosure: measure the distance from the corner to the outer edge of the stone base and measure the width of the stone base When measuring.

You need to draw a diagram of the bathroom, accurately know the size of the bathroom, including shower enclosure, toilet, bathroom cabinet location. Carefully measure the size of the shower enclosure, if the toilet has a clear water pipe, also need to measure the height of the pipe from the ground, pipe diameter, and the distance from the pipe to the wall, to deal with the corresponding.

Special circumstances of measurement

In the whole actual measurement, some units will tilt or sink because of decoration and other reasons. At this point, the measurement should record the specific width of the upper and lower three positions and select the smallest of them to give the custom shower enclosure. The measurement will inevitably encounter Irregular places, such as: strengthening the door, pull the rod to lengthen, and so on. If you encounter a special case of type, measure the size of the abnormal area and determine the correct opening orientation and door frame size.

With the improvement of the whole living standard of the society, the pursuit of high-quality life experience has become the consensus of the quality family, so the shower enclosure, as the representative of the quality sanitary ware, has become the most popular sanitary ware. Himalaya company conducts many tests of shower enclosures, and the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you need a shower enclosure, you can consider our cost-effective products. Himalaya company's materials are non-toxic and tasteless, aging-resistant, perfect after-sales service, you can have no worries.

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