How to install shower enclosures?
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How to install shower enclosures?

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Nowadays, many families choose to install shower enclosures by themselves, however, the installation is a little complicated, so it needs some professional introductions. Would you like to know how to install shower enclosures? Let Himalaya shower enclosures manufacturer to introduce for you.


Slider Shower Enclosure

Here is the content list:

•Mark drilling hole positions

•Drill holes in the wall

•Insert the rubble wall plugs

•Fixed the wall profile

•Installation of glass

•Install the top frame

•Installation of sliding doors

•Use good quality silicone sealant

•Check each section

Mark drilling hole positions

Before install the shower enclosure, the tools should be prepared according to installation instruction. The tools generally include a tape measure, pencil, impact drill, hand hammer, electric screwdriver, glue gun, manual screwdriver, wire clamp, and so on.

Before install the shower enclosure, ensure tray is correctly leveled. Measure the wall profile positions and mark drilling hole positions on the wall with a pencil.


Drill holes in the wall

Drill the shallow holes on the positions just marked on the wall, then drill the deeper hole on the shallow hole drilled.


Insert the rubble wall plugs

Use the hand hammer to insert the rubber wall plugs into the holes.


Fix the wall profile

Use an electric screwdriver to tighten the screw into the wall to fix the wall profile.


Installation of glass

Insert the glass into the wall profile and fix the bottom.

Install top frame

This step can be omitted in frameless shower enclosures. First, handle the screws connected to the fixed part in the top frame so that the fixed glass and door can be installed with an electric screwdriver, then tighten the screws to fix the top frame.


Installation of sliding doors

This is an important step in sliding shower enclosures. Installation must be debugged to ensure the door glass goes smoothly.


Use good quality silicone sealant

Use of good quality silicone sealant&cleaning of all joint areas of shower enclosure is recommended. It's effectively waterproof.

Check each section

The last and most important step is to check each section. Please confirm whether the shower enclosure is strong and slides smoothly, or the hinges use smoothly. Clean the garbage and residual dirt after the installation.


A good quality shower enclosure makes full use of the corner of the bathroom and divides the shower area clearly to form a relatively independent bath space, which provides a great comfortable shower environment for your family and you. Himalaya company conducts many tests on shower enclosures, and the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you need a shower enclosure, you can consider our cost-effective products. Himalaya company's materials are non-toxic and tasteless, aging-resistant, perfect after-sales service, you can have no worries. 

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