How to install shower doors?
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How to install shower doors?

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The shower door is installed on the shower tray. The shower door is generally made of tempered glass. The shower door is generally divided into sliding doors, folding doors, swing doors, and pivot shower doors. So what are the installation steps of the shower door? The following is a detailed introduction.


Determine the installation location on the wall and mark the wall with a pencil.

After determining the location, drill a shallow hole in the wall where the hole is marked. After drilling the prototype marked holes, drill deeper holes with an auger bit basis of the shallow holes that have been drilled.

Install the expanded rubber particles into the hole, and use a hammer to knock the rubber particles into the hole.

Use an electric screwdriver to screw the screws on the wall to fix the frame.

Place the glass to be installed in advance and fix the bottom.

First, handle the screws connected to the fixed part of the top frame so that the fixed glass and door can be installed with an electric screwdriver and the screws that fix the top glass.

The installation must be debugged to ensure smooth push and pull and no seams. Using good quality silicone sealant all joint areas on the shower door can effectively prevent water permeability in the future.

Method for installing shower doors

Shower door installation is also very fastidious, general bathroom floor is not horizontal, individual bathroom floor inclination is larger, although installation can raise one side or adjust pulley to adjust flat, use may not be smooth or will appear automatic glides, After a while, there will be magnetic suction seam and leakage.Everyone is advised to using a 6-7 CM wide marble with the same length as the total width of the shower door to adjust the floor level in the position of installing the shower screen (against the ground), and it is better to install the shower door against the ground directly in beauty.

Before decorating the shower door, we need to prepare the sanitary ware and tools, materials,and so on used in the decoration process. After installing the basin, water tests are required to ensure the smooth flow of water. In the test water inspection to ensure that the operation of the experiment is regular, once found that the flow of water, needs to be reinstalled. After the material is ready, we need to install the basin. Combine the parts of the basin to ensure that there are no water stains inside and bottom of the basin and keep the basin level. Then, according to the distance, the basin and floor drain are connected through the hose, and the connection between the basin bottom and the floor drain should be ensured. 

The installation of pipe jacking needs to be above the glass of the shower door, so the installation position of pipe jacking should be found above the glass of the shower door. After that, the fixing seat and the elbow sleeve are fixed above the glass of the shower door. According to the needs of family life, select the height and size of the shelf, mark the position of the shelf on the wall, then tighten the laminate nut, fix the laminate glass, and keep the shelf vertical and horizontal with the wall and ground. After testing the water, we have to install aluminum. First of all, to determine the drilling position of aluminum, and marked on the wall. After drilling with drilling tools, we should pay attention to the depth of the hole. Finally, after tapping the rubber into the hole, screw the aluminum strips to the wall. Lock the glass clamps at the bottom basin hole and screw it. The movable door should pay attention to the installation of its hardware when installing. Quality hardware must be selected to prevent rust and other quality problems after long use, resulting in the door can not be used. Because the comfort of using the shower door is directly related to the proper installation. So in the shower door decoration,we need to reinstall the beginning to the end of every step must not be careless.

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