How to clean shower enclosure
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How to clean shower enclosure

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The importance of the shower enclosure as a small space to be used every day is obvious. A clean and tidy bathroom environment can increase the comfort of the shower and make people enjoy the whole bath process. So how should we do the daily maintenance and cleaning of the shower enclosure? 

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Here is the content list:

•Clean Shower Enclosure 

•Maintenance of rollers

•Maintenance of tempered glass

•Clean tempered glass

•Cleaning Accessories

Clean Shower Enclosure 

When cleaning the shower enclosure, especially pay attention to clean the bottom and surround, you can use the soft dry cloth to clean. If there are stains, you can use a sponge or soft towel with the neutral cleaning agent to remove them. When using some special bathroom cleaning agent, we should look at the above points and correct to use it, the wrong method may cause the shower enclosure adverse effects and conditions. Maintenance of rollers

If you are using a sliding shower enclosure, please pay attention not to impact the sliding glass forcefully, otherwise it probably causes the sliding glass to fall off after a long time use. You can use lubricant, lubricating wax and so on. to clean the rollers and guide rail regularly.

Maintenance of tempered glass

It is a matter to pay attention to the maintenance of tempered glass. The surface of the a glass should avoid the impact of sharp objects to prevent breakage.


Clean tempered glass

The cleaning method of tempered glass is very simple, mix with some edible salt and vinegar at home, clean the stains on the tempered glass in the shower enclosure with mixed liquid, or go to the supermarket to buy the cleaning liquid specially cleaned by the glass. If it is difficult to wash stains, gently clean with a toothbrush and rinse with warm water.

If you see yellow water stains on the shower glass, you just need to spray a special glass cleaner and wipe it with a dry rag. After bath, the shower enclosure should be cleaned with clean water.


Cleaning Accessories

The shower enclosure's accessories are hardware, please do not use cleaning agent and water to clean them, otherwise, it will lead to the surface of hardware accessories rust, skin shedding and other phenomena. Generally it's best to use a special rag to wipe them.


The above are the cleaning methods of the shower enclosure, Himalaya company conducts many tests of shower enclosures, and the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you need a shower enclosure, you can consider our cost-effective products.

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