How to clean shower doors?
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How to clean shower doors?

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Many families now use glass shower doors, and this transparent shower room looks bright and clean, and visually makes the shower room more spacious. If the shower door is used, there is also a defect, that there will be some watermarks, after a long time may be difficult to remove. So, how should the shower door be cleaned?


Wash the shower door after the shower, add shampoo and water to mix evenly with a rag.

Cleaning with purchased professional detergent.

Toothpaste has the ability to decontaminate,can use toothpaste.

Mix the home salts with vinegar and use the mixture to clean the stains on the tempered glass in the shower room.

Method for cleaning shower doors

After taking a bath, you should wash the shower door, add a certain amount of water with shampoo, stir well and then wipe the bathroom glass with a rag, so that you can wipe the water stains on the glass. Don't wait until after the accumulation, or it will be very difficult. If there are more stains on the shower door, if you simply wipe the glass with shampoo, the effect is not particularly ideal. We can buy a professional detergent to wipe the glass from the market and spray it on the shower door. Then wipe rag, the effect is very significant, and finally dry it with a dry rag. In addition to using professional detergents, if stains are not particularly large, we can also use toothpaste, toothpaste also can decontaminate, especially for the glass has appeared some black stains or dark places, With a clean cloth with some toothpaste, can also play a good cleaning effect.

First, cleaning shower door —— cleaning liquid can be washed with vinegar and salt mixture, it will not be long before the stains can be removed. You can also apply glass in the bathroom with glassware detergent, then wipe it with a toothbrush, and clean it with warm water or slightly hot water. Cleaning shower door glass scraping clean water stains on the glass in the shower door, scraping with glass can remove water stains on the glass, neither waste time, but also save effort. If there is no glass scraping, you can go to the nearby supermarket to buy one. Clean shower door —— glass cleaner showers door glass if there are yellow water stains, then you can spray with glass cleaner, then wipe yellow water stains with a rag, and immediately wipe the yellow water stains on the glass. Usually after the bath or no bath, also keep the shower door clean, often clean with clean water, keep clean.

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