How to Remove Shower Doors?
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How to Remove Shower Doors?

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The shower door, as the name suggests, is the door installed in the shower room. Shower doors are generally made of toughened glass as the main material. They are generally divided into sliding doors, folding doors, swing doors, and hinge doors. So what are the steps to remove the shower door? Here are the details.

  • If it is a sliding door, remove the door from the slide by lifting the door from the slide and then tilting it up. If it is a suspended slide, some need to unload the slide and door together.

  • If it is a flat door, will fold the screw-down, the door, and fold together to unload, unless that kind of high-grade quick folding, can quickly separate the two foldings. Install the expanded rubber particles in the hole and use the hand hammer to knock the rubber particles into the hole.

  • If it is a folding door, remove the slider in the upper slide of the folding door with a screwdriver, and the door will leave the slide.

  • Single pocket doors are not easy to remove and require a broken tile. Double pocket doors are easy to remove without damaging the tile. The single-pocket door is the kind of aluminum alloy door, and the fixing nails are placed under the tiles. Professionals need to be hired, but the double-pocket door can be removed directly.

Methods of Shower door removal

The shower door in the bathroom is easily removable. The shower door structure includes a glass door, an upper shaft, and an upper shaft screw to fix the glass, which is called an upper shaft adjustment screw. There is also a fixed shower door to adjust the rotating shower door, which generally uses a spring, which is the main core of the shower door rotation, and the glass door is almost removed. Tighten the top of the shower door before removing the spring. After unscrewing the screw counterclockwise with a screwdriver, close the top shaft and remove the glass door. If the shower door won't move, the adjustment screws may be misaligned. Below are the steps to remove other installation accessories after removing the shower door.

Lift the shower door out of the way of the top pulley. Use a long, thin stick such as a screwdriver to gently pull the top pulley of the raised door out of the door. When the pulley leaves the sliding door, the door can be lowered (with great effort). A door without pulleys cannot slide freely, lift the door again and drag the lower part out. Once the door is removed, it needs to be put back on. Rather than tearing down the steps, be patient when pulling the pulley back to the iron groove on the top of the door, and don't use too much force, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

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