How to Fix Shower Doors?
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How to Fix Shower Doors?

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The repair of the shower door is not a very special thing now, because the shower door is often on and off, so the frequency of contact is also the highest. The possibility of damage to doors due to human factors is the greatest. So how should we fix the shower door?

  • The shower door is stuck and the roller should be lubricated with penetrating oil to return to normal use. Do not remove the track of any debris, which can also obstruct the movement of the door.

  • When checking the roller and replacing the damaged or worn parts, remove the screw of the adjusting hole above the roller first, and try not to separate the door frame, glass pull off the roller.

  • If it is a folding door, remove the slider in the upper slide of the folding door with a screwdriver, and the door will leave the slide.

  • Pay attention to cleaning the pulley, slide rail, slider regularly, add lubricant (lubricating oil or lubricating wax; adjust adjusting screw of slider regularly to ensure effective bearing and good sliding of a slider.

Method of fixing shower doors

The shower door in the bathroom is easy to remove, just ask your family or friends for help. The shower door structure includes a glass door, upper shaft, fixed glass upper screw, called upper shaft adjustment screw. There is also a fixed shower door to adjust the rotating shower door, which generally uses a spring, which is the main core of the shower door rotation, and the glass door is almost removed. Tighten the top of the shower door before removing the spring. After unscrewing the counterclockwise screw with a screwdriver, close the top shaft and remove the glass door. if you cannot move the shower door, it may be a misalignment of the adjustment screw. Remove the shower door and remove other mounting accessories.

Lift the shower door so that it is not affected by the top pulley. Gently pull the top pulley of the raised door out and out of the door with a slender stick such as a screwdriver. When the pulley leaves the sliding door, the door can be lowered (which takes a lot of effort). The door without the pulley cannot slide freely, lift the door again and drag the lower part out. After the door is removed, it is necessary to install it back. Instead of removing the steps, pay attention to the patience and not too hard when pulling the pulley back to the iron slot at the top of the door, otherwise, it will be counterproductive.

Summary of Shower Repair Related Issues

Sometimes the shower door is not tight. In other words, closing the door is not a good waterproof function. This is mainly due to the door connection or screw problems. Keep the door dry in daily use, so ventilation is necessary after a bath.

The shower door sometimes finds the handle of the door damaged, sometimes due to artificial closing or twisting the handle. There are also some reasons because of the quality of the door handle itself. But the artificial reason is that we can avoid it, and it won't cost us money to repair it.

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