How do folding bath screens work?
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How do folding bath screens work?

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The folding bath screen is the most space utilization in the bath screens. When not in use, the main body of the folding bath screen will retract into the wall or a pocket or compartment attached to the bathroom wall. When in use, the area of the bath screen will be larger than the usable area of other bath screens with the same floor area. How do the folding bath screens work? Here are some answers.



Space independence

Save space


The folding bath screen has several narrow vertical panes, which are connected by hinges, so when not in use, the folding bath screen can be pushed open and folded into a narrow shape. This looks neat and makes it easier to enter the bathtub. Another common design for folding bath screens includes several larger panels, which can also be shrunk into the pocket when not in use. One of the benefits of these larger panels is that the pocket entrance is usually equipped with a rubber lining, which functions very much like a scraper. When the door is retracted into the pocket, the sealing edge helps to remove any remaining water droplets, making it easier to keep the door clean and free of mold or rigidity. Water stains are usually found on traditional shower curtains and shower doors.

Space independence

The folding bath screen is an independent bathing space. As we all know, an independent bathing space is very important in the family. If there is no separate shower area, the bathroom will be stained with water after bathing. In some families, the bathroom area is too small, and it will be difficult to separate the dry and wet. At the same time, daily bathing is also very inconvenient. At this time, the folding bath screen can separate the dry and wet in the bathroom, and only a small piece is needed.

Save space

The folding bath screen saves a lot of space. In the past, the renovation of the bathroom would take up a lot of space, but now, people need to reduce the floor space of the bathroom. But if the bathroom area is too small, it is very inconvenient to use it at normal times. The invention of the folding bath screen solves this problem well. When not in use, the main body of the screen will retract into the wall or a pocket or compartment attached to the bathroom wall. Since the folding bath screen can be folded, it can save space in the bathroom. In a small-sized family, the advantages can be more reflected. A fully functional shower area can be built from just one corner, which is exciting.

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