Do frameless shower screens leak?
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Do frameless shower screens leak?

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The frameless shower screen is the most beautiful and elegant element that can be added to any bathroom. These screens are known for their simple, modern design, giving the illusion of a spacious bathroom in a petite bathroom. As it’s frameless, some people are worried, will the frameless bath screens leak? Next are some explanations and ways to deal with it.





The seal is an indispensable part of the bath screen. Its main function is to protect the glass, but also to prevent the glass from colliding with self-explosion and waterproof. Now the material of the seal is mainly PVC and EVA. PVC seal mainly lies in the quality of the raw materials and the control of the process during processing. EVA seal's performance is very stable. Different positions of the seal in the bath screen have different effects, such as misaligned seal and waterproof seal.


In many cases, the bath screen leaks because the bath screen is not well-sealed and cracked, so just re-glue and seal it. Before gluing the bath screen, scrape off all the original sealant to clean up the gap. Note that it must be fully dried before proceeding to the next step; the embedding depth of the sealant should be greater than 3.5 mm, but not greater than 4.5 mm, too thin to ensure sealing. The quality is unfavorable, and it is too thick to be easily broken by cold and heat expansion and contraction; after the sealant is filled, the glue joint should be carefully checked. If there are defects such as bubbles, hollows, cracks, inclusions, etc., they should be dealt with in time. After the bath screen is glued, the glue joint should be full, dense, continuous, uniform, and free of bubbles. Besides, pay attention to the use of silicone weather-resistant sealant.

The frameless bath screen is more popular in the market. It uses hardware instead of the aluminum frame to connect the glass. The appearance is more simple and transparent, refreshing and watery, but the waterproof seal is prone to aging and should be replaced regularly. Moreover, the waterproof seal can also prevent the glass from colliding with self-explosion.

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